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    shunchangjx@hotmail.com 0086-595-8572785


    - Who we areShunchang is full integrity of research, design, manufacture, sales and service .it is a speciality machinery manufacturer of sanitary disposable products and its relative auto stacker.

    - Where we areShunchang is located in Wuli Industrial Zone, Jinjiang City. It is closed to QuanZhou airport. It takes about 15 minutes with facilitating traffic environment.

    - What we doSanitary disposable products machinery & its auto stacker including:Traning pants,Adult Diapers & Pads,Baby Diapers &Pads,Women Sanitary Napkins,Panty Liner,under pads,and etc.

    - Who we are

    Keep People-Oriented :Shunchang is grouped with a sophisticated engineer team, who processes advantaged know-how through years of working experience. Rooting on client's actual requirements, executing one to one design, research and manufacture methods. Deepening reliable credit to realize mutual success with all customers enjoyably. Currently, we set up machines in several countries and areas, including North America, Middle East, North and South Africa, Asian and East EU etc.

    Keep Quality-Oriented: Shunchang always carries out of the spirit of "Quality is started and achieved from each screw". Pursuing the business philosophy of "Keep Moving, Keep Innovating, Keep Serving". Keep Market-Oriented :shunchang has a sufficient sales and after-sales systematism, Offering the customers with considerate and convenient service.

    Keep Mutual development-Oriented: Whateverthe size of clients' company, Whoever clients has bought Shunchang 's machine before or not. Whenever you have any questions to consultant, any problems to be resolved.We are willing of offering our best enthusiasm to promoting our mutual development .

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